• Graphics have to be made modular to use them dynamically; still working on it.
  • Right now the gesture recognition itself works, but only haltingly, so the movements of the gesture recognition have to be smoothed. The general idea is that in the end we want to have one defined area where the user can position himself if he wants his gestures to be recognized; gestures of someone outside of this area won’t be recognized (in ordert o prevent accidental activation oft he gesture recognition).
  • The voice commands we decided to use are play, pause and stop for audio and video files and display for image files. Depending on our progress we’ll try to add other voice commands as well.
  • As audio output we want to have the option of playing the media files (music/audio and video) files and maybe also some kind of easy response system (e.g. invalid command, naming the category the user is currently viewing, maybe also repeating the commands of the user).
  • For the handling of the filesystem we decided to use the MIME Type to determine the filetype. Right now we have one main folder (named library) which contains the folders audio, video, images and other. When the program  is started it first checks whether all files are in the right folders (and moves all incorrectly placed files to the correct folders). Files that can not be displayed by our library will be moved to the other folder so they don’t get lost.